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National Freedom Day! :::Feature:::

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 31, 2013, 2:56 PM



It's better to die fighting for freedom than to live life in chains!

  • A day to carry on the legacy of tolerance, justice & human rights.
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  • A day to celebrate freedom.
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  • A day to bring about positive change in our community and in our world.

Am I free?

Dream of Freedom by ReyeD33

I Am Free by pepperbunbun A Glimpse of Sky by windfalcon

Do you want to be free?                                         At times the binds of the world are too strong.
Lift your chains,                                             They pull and cut and hold your wings to the earth.
I hold the key,                                  But just as you feel ready to surrender to those biting vines,
All power on Heaven and Earth belong to me.      a sliver of blue pierces through the tangle above.
~ Set Me Free by Casting Crowns  And you find the freedom you were certain you would never have.
~ by ~pepperbunbun                                                      ~ by *windfalcon

What does freedom mean to you?

What is your perception of freedom?

<da:thumb id="210927981"/>       Adventure of FreedomThis is meant to be a poem.
Perhaps it will be.
But this is meant to be a poem
about how it feels to be free.
Nine people walking
in the dark of night.
Jumping in the wind,
Souls taking flight.
A playground spiderweb,
Climbing up high,
Quick! Make a wish!
Shooting star in the sky.
The cold's not a bother,
Nor the wind whipping our hair.
Rather, it excites us,
And we sail through the air.
Silence, so peaceful,
I suddenly feel at home.
My mood lifts and I feel so happy,
I don't feel like I'm alone.
(Out of tune), I sing,
When no one else can hear,
Loud enough to be caught by the wind
and for once, without a tear.
Reluctantly we have to leave,
And a torch begins to light the way.
Despite the cold, despite the cold,
We all wanted to stay that day.

The Freedom Within by oO-Rein-Oo Freedom of Choice by WiciaQ

Freedom lies in being bold.                                                 Freedom of choice is what you got.
~ by Robert Frost                                                        Freedom from choice is what you want.
~ by *oO-Rein-Oo                                                                        ~by *WiciaQ

What Freedom Means by caranette Freedom by diversenerd
Free As Hair by Anton101
Freedom by LightformGr with peace comes freedom.. by devils-horizon
Freedom by PixieCold Let Freedom Reign by ExquisiteDistraction
Ben Heine Exhibition in Moscow, Russia by BenHeine Flight of Freedom by Bonniemarie
We Choose Not To Be Free by Stepherz-Firefox

A mime stuck in a box.                                                   Freedom is a choice for some,
No freedom.                                                                   for some it is too frightening.
~ by ~midnight-ruby-thief                                                 ~ by ~Stepherz-Firefox

Is what we have really freedom?

Or is it just a perception of one?

The Constitution guarantees freedom of Speech. However, "freedom of speech does not mean freedom from the consequences of that speech. While the language in our Constitution protects our right to say almost anything in public, rulings by the Supreme Court still hold us responsible if our utterances are deemed to have been libel, slander, or caused harm to others."

Am I free to assemble a protest of peaceful peers?

Government: Only with a permit.

Am I free to travel?

Government: Only with a passport (or other I.D. only I can legally provide).

Am I free to pursue my own ideas of happiness?

Government: Only within these constraints.

Am I free to start a business?

Government: Only with a license.

Am I free to marry who I wish?

Government: Only with my consent.

Am I free?

Government: I'm legally obligated to say that you are.


Freedom is your God given right as a human being!

Is your freedom being jeopardized?


Flight of freedom by AlviaAlcedo

Nothing can stop a flight of freedom!

February 1st offically marks the day for National Freedom Day!
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